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Kuala Lumpur skyline

Wide landscape view of Kuala Lumpur capital city

‘The Real World’ is my way of expressing myself about various subjects, including but not limited to real estate, for the benefit of the public.

In literal terms, real estate is property in the form of land and buildings. Real estate has a range of characteristics, such as place, population size, infrastructure, and intended purpose.

There are many ways to write about real estate. This subject can be written from marketing, journalistic, academic, or investment perspectives. Their aims include inspiring property buyers to own units of developers’ products, inform stakeholders of issues that affect them, build a pool of knowledge that can be used for various purposes, and help stakeholders to eventually achieve financial independence through real estate investment.

After several years, I have almost risen up to the pinnacle of my career, having taken up roles as chief editor and contributor of several publications, speaker on real estate and communications, book co-author, and real estate marketer. I have written on real estate from journalistic, marketing, academic, investment, and corporate communications perspectives, for stakeholders such as home buyers, investors, entrepreneurs, developers, and policy-makers.

My works were defined by my roles and obligations that I owed to my employers. In ‘The Real World’, I only owe my responsibility to the members of the public, and this includes you. Only time can tell how ‘The Real World’ will shape up, but one thing is certain. You can expect interesting stories with unique perspectives from me from time to time.

Welcome to ‘The Real World’.

Mak Kum Shi
Blog Editor


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